To Have or Not to Have your Furbaby at your Wedding

I say “YES”!!!

It’s your wedding day, you want to surround yourselves with loved ones, and for myself  & many couples, that means having their pets join the festivities. There are lots of ways to involve your  pups in your celebration, whether in a formal role (as ring bearers or flower dogs), or just making an appearance as an honored guest.

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 Furry friends make the event much more memorable, but they also require special handling. Here’s what you need to know before you decide to bring him or her along—and how to keep your pooch calm, cool, and well cared for when they join your celebration.

 Inform Your Vendors About Your pet Well in advance

Chaulk Wedding

Chaulk Wedding

Chaulk Wedding

Chaulk Wedding

   Inform your vendors that your pet will play a role, and discuss any special measures you’d like to be taken. Also notify your officiant. Some may refuse to preside over a wedding that includes pets, or they may have had bad experiences in the past. It is always a nice idea to give a heads up. 

Hire a Pet Handler 

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Some pups can be ‘ruff’ !! You already have a full plate on the big day, but if your anything like me you need your dogs to be a part of the wedding. Your pet will need to be fed, walked, and looked after while you’re in day-of mode. The bride has a maid of honor, the groom has a best man. Your dog needs the same kind of backup if they’re going to be part of the big day! Consider hiring a dog handler, someone who can juggle dog duty. A dog sitter for the day who will keep your dog calm, engaged, exercised, and properly focused for the big moment.

They are truly magical. 

Maybe try some of these local pet handlers,  Jack of all Tails, & RePUPlic Pets

 Styling Your Furbaby 

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 Take your dog to the groomer before the wedding so they’ll look their best. However you want to accessorize your pup, make sure their comfy in their new digs by trying it out a few times in advance. And there is nothing wrong with going a more simple look, Most wedding party peeps want out of their fancy clothes sooner then later, why should it be any different for your favorite furbaby. In general, it’s best to keep garments & accessories minimal and easy for the pet to wear. Don’t make them dress up for longer than is necessary. 

Just a note:

 this doesn’t just go for your pups, I have stopped by many times to get shots with couples favorite kittys too. 

 Be the Calm you want your Furbaby to be 

 A relaxed attitude is crucial. Don’t involve your dog in your wedding if it’s going to introduce unnecessary stress for you and your partner. Keep clam and Zen on.

 Anticipate Potential Hazards 

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 If your pet’s wedding attire—or the venue décor, for that matter—includes flowers, do your research (or make sure your florist does!) as some are toxic. Ask the venue about pesticides or toxins around. Keep your dogs someplace safe during the reception so guests won’t feed them. Receptions are full of harmful items including chocolate, alcohol, and meat with bones, And when the dog begs for food, many people can’t resist those puppy dog eyes. 

And speaking of Harards, don’t forget poops bags… The last thing you want is to step in it…LOL 

 Embrace the Choas 

 Remember: no wedding goes completely according to plan, Situations can change on a dime! Things that may frustrate you on the big day often turn into some of the most beloved stories told for years to come. “Expect the unexpected” is a rule all dog lovers embrace… and it also applies to your wedding, and your marriage. 

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Cute Tip I once saw at a wedding: The couple had a signature drink with their dogs printed on it. So Cute!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog post and we hope you visit again soon.

Cheers Apryl & Dave

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